Yesterday was a day of vicious northerlies – not ideal for a pace run with the wind at my back for part of the course and then head-on for the return. At one point I thought take-off was imminent; at another I was running on the spot. Still, managed a 46 minute 10km out to Greta Point and back; 22 minutes out and 24 back.

Followed that up today with an early rise then out for 2 hours, slowly covering the 20km or so to the Brooklyn wind turbine and back. Most of it was by road except for the final 2km up to the turbine, which was steep, craggy and slippery dirt track. Fun though, and will, over the coming months extend the route to carry on around the Karori sanctuary route, home to the Gutbuster.

Image credit: Brooklyn Wind Turbine by flickr @Br3nda, (Sadly the weather wasn’t quite as good as this today.)