Today’s the start of training for the half-marathon in June. I was pretty confused by the various bits of terminology on the training schedule – today is a jogging day, tomorrow it’s up tempo, and later in the week it’s steady. Fortunately the PDF version linked at the bottom of the page has the full key.

It’s cold and miserable in town today but I set out for the 20 minute run wrapped up warm and ready to get on with the training. Twenty minutes didn’t seem quite enough so I thought I’d start with 5 minutes warm-up, then stretching, then the actual run. All went well. Finished the warm-up just this side of Te Papa, stretched a bit, then headed out to Oriental Bay and around nearly as far as Point Jerningham before turning back. Running slow, as instructed, until the southerly brought the rain in and I had to pick up the pace and kept running well past the 20 minute mark. Probably running for 30 minutes all up, including the warm-up.

Today’s run: 30 mins, 5.5km