Three things to remember

More on the NDF2012 theme, three things I enjoyed hearing/thinking/talking about…

1. Piotr Adamczyk introduced us to new paintings based on blurred images in the Google Art Project’s museum view of paintings that are copyright-protected. Here are some from Phil Thompson.

(Will he quibble with my unauthorised use of this image?)

2. The word spectacle, from the media studies definition and used in Courtney Johnston’s talk, Going back to gallery land:

…an event designed for the viewers, built around a physical contest between two opposing sides. It made me realise that ‘spectacle’ does not have to be a dirty word. It can mean an event or experience that is carefully crafted to evoke a reaction. That reaction does not have to be dictated, but the expectation is that the viewer or participant will be aware that they are in a moment. ‘Spectacle’ in this sense means memorable, meaningful, moving.

3. Finally, talking to Sarah Barns and Keir Winesmith about augmented reality and a preference for responsive reality. Made me think of this wonderful building (again): the Institut du Monde Arabe, with its light-sensitive aperture cladding. To close the circle, here’s an amateur recording of an in-house video about the cladding: La fabrication des diaphragmes de l’Institut du Monde Arabe

    • Thanks for the comment Phil, and letting me continue to use your pic – appreciate it and apologies for not asking in advance. Really glad Piotr put me onto your work, the Malevich gif and Getty pics are brilliantly simple critiques.

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