Three days

Panic is slowly subsiding. I know a smoke would take away the panic in an instant so I’m reminding myself that an hour later the same panic would be back. Let the panic subside and in time it will be gone. That’s the mantra in any case.

But three days is significant. It’s a temptation point, could go either way. I’ve been without for long enough to think I’m back in control, but not so long that the panic’s gone. There’s the tug to smoke and the thought that I could have just one little smoke.

Just one doesn’t exist. One more means one more after that and that, and then it’s three and more and onto a pack and in and out of days thinking back to those three days I did without.

What is it about three days?

My partner was in labour for three days.

Jesus suffered on the cross for three days.

Jane’s Addiction sang about it.

Hellen Keller wrote about three days to see (in 1933).

In a disaster you should plan on surviving without help for a minimum of three days.

The Pentagon had a ‘three-day blitz’ plan for Iran.

A lot can happen then, in three days.