Wellington Botanic Garden

This is an aerial view of the Botanic Garden in Wellington. It’s about two minutes run from my office but I haven’t really explored it lately. Years ago I used to run there a bit but recent training has meant I’ve concentrated on running flat over measurable distances.

Yesterday I went round the gardens with a guy from work and was reminded what a great place it is for aimless and unstructured running. Lots of it’s hilly and on well-maintained tracks and trails, and you can criss-cross back and forth for a session of any length.

I was there again today getting slightly lost. Good stuff.

Making tracks

This is the one post I plan to write on why Twitter is good for you.

Recently I started blogging over at Run Boy Three* about my training for a half-marathon I plan to run in June. As I live near Wellington’s northern hills (or western hills depending who you ask) I’m keen to run the Skyline track. Problem is the routes up to the Skyline were, to my knowledge, few and far between. Finding a good circular track of a length that I could manage was proving tricky.

Enter, this tweet, and a whole new world of hill-running tracks has opened up before me. (Not to mention a homegrown online community about tracks. It’s good stuff!)

And this is Twitter’s not-so-very-secret secret: if you follow people you like and read what they say, chances are they’ll often say something interesting and useful. That’s it, no more justification needed in my view.

* totally out-of-context homage to 80s band Fun Boy Three