Old Porirua Road

Fantastic run to the bottom of Ngaio Gorge via Crofton Rd (uphill), Old Porirua Rd (down, down, down) then back up the bridle path to the top of Culcutta St. Not very fast but the stretch to Calcutta (pictured) was about 13 minutes of solid uphill.

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Good running down Old Porirua Rd taking it easy. Wonderful views and not a car the entire stretch. Sort of place I could imagine living but know the isolation would get to me in the end – you can walk or drive but don’t bother waiting for a bus. That and the possibility your house might fall down the cliff. Houses perched above slips, letter boxes propped up by the side of the road and rough paths disappearing into the bush.

Today’s run: 7km, 43 mins

Otari-Wilton’s Bush

Didn’t make it up to the Skyline Track after all – I didn’t fancy the thought of the northerly up on the tops. Took and out’n’in run down to Otari-Wilton’s Bush instead: 15 mins on the road mainly downhill, then 10 mins up the bush and 10 mins out again, a bit over 15 mins home on the uphill. Would like to think I’d covered 10km but suspect it was more like 9km.

Realised once I got home that I must have nearly made it to Karori Cemetery – will save that for next weekend. Great tracks through the bush so will be heading back there as I increase the length of my runs. Also keen to see where the bush tracks join up with the Skyline Track for a decent circular track.

Today’s run: 9km, 50 mins

Playing catch-up

Missed out on a run over the weekend but got in an 11km cycle ride to the bike shop and back instead. Not much of a distance for a seasoned cyclist but that’s exactly what I’m not – I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve cycled in Wellington and can honestly say that my body is not used to hills.

Started today’s run with a minor back ache and ended it with a worse one and stiff calves after running out to the Point from Queen’s Wharf. Probably took it a bit too fast but it felt good to be running without shin-splints or tired lungs. Now just need to sort out the back…

Have downloaded the intermediate training schedule (warning: loud inane music) for the half-marathon in June and will start on that in about a fortnight. Leading up to that I’m planning on three or four runs a week, mainly around 30-40 mins but hoping to do 50 mins or more once or twice over the coming weekends.

Today’s run: a little over 6km; 30 mins