Took a slow run out to Point Jerningham at lunchtime thinking it’d help the recovery. That was the theory anyway. Wondering now if I should have left it another day or two.

But here’s a pic of me coming up to the finish line on the Fran Wilde Walk by the Westpac Stadium.

Talked to a bloke on the train yesterday about the course. He had a few (probably) legitimate grizzles about it, namely the way 10km walkers tend to group together on the way back in just about the time a lot of the half-marathoners are coming through the last two or three kilometres. Makes for a lot of ducking and diving and means you can’t take the inside channel round the waterfront, where the course is typically measured.

Of course the front-runners would have been on the inside earlier but they’re racing for course records, so that’s fair enough. As for ducking and diving, it’s not a bad diversion for the mind.

Today’s run: 6km, 36 mins

More training needed, damn you lad

Have been playing catch-up all week to get back to the training schedule. A couple of slow runs out to Point Jerningham and a decent 60 minute run to Greta Point and back. Starting to look ahead to the next half-marathon and might do one in Marton with a friend who’ll be out from the UK.

Meantime I’ve got some reading to get to soon:

Recent runs
Monday 15 June: 6km, 33 mins (slow to Point Jerningham and back)
Tuesday 16 June: 7km, 37 mins (slow to Point Jerningham and back up Boulcott St with AJ)
Wednesday 17 June: 11.5km, 59 mins (Great Point and back Terrace) – close to 12km

Practice run

Went out from Ngaio today as far as Balena Bay and back, covering 21km in 1 hour and 50 minutes. Run included a couple of hill climbs (including Old Porirua on the way home) so I’m figuring I can get that time down if it’s all on the flat. Felt kind of sick from exhaustion, but maybe that was lack of food beforehand or mowing the lawn straight after?

Pretty much followed the training schedule this week though still having problems running slow (egoveride kicks in whenever I’m overtaken…). Thursday was fartlek day and I almost did two full repetitions of the 4+2, 3+1.5, 2+1, 1+1 fast and slow routine. (OK, so the second 4-minute fast section wasn’t a total success, but got back into the swing of things for the second 3-minute fast section.)

Recent runs
Wednesday 3 June: 7km, 35 mins
Thursday 4 June: 8.5km, 40 mins
Friday 5 June: 6.5km, 35 mins
Saturday 6 June: 21km, 1 hr 50 mins

BIB# 3581

I’ve now officially signed up for the half-marathon in June! So now it’s real. In a little under 7 weeks I’ll be running 21km round the Wellington waterfront. 21km! Must be possible…

Got fairly engrossed in the McMillan six-step training system last night. I winced a little whenever he referred to ‘casual runners’, and by the end of the read was fairly sure that yes indeed, I am one of them. The key to identifying us is that when training we tend to skim a few books or magazines or even just download some training plan off the internet and use that.

That aside, while McMillan is aimed at serious and competitive runners, there’s still plenty to learn about the effects that different styles and paces of running have on the runner’s physiology (not to mention their psychology). I’ll stick to the current schedule but will try to fine-tune it a bit using some of the techniques from McMillan. Once I’ve got an official time from the half-marathon I’ll plug it in and see what kind of training schedule it comes up with for the next challenge. Full marathon, anyone?

On that note, I kept the run today light and easy though I still ran at pretty much the training pace for long and easy endurance workout paces. I’m not sure I can run any slower, especially considering I was barely keeping pace with a walker at one point. (He was a serious walker, mind you, all the gears and the funny hip action, not just some dude out for a stroll.)

Today’s run: 6km, 35 mins

Up tempo

Five minutes warm-up, then stretch. Ten minutes jogging followed by 20 minutes up tempo. Five minutes jogging, very slowly.

Not sure I’ve mastered the meaning of up tempo – I just set off as fast as I thought I could run for 20 minutes. The training guide ranks it as the middle pace (jogging, steady, up tempo, hard, sprints) and defines it as ‘conscious of your breathing and difficult to talk’. I was on my own so I wasn’t trying to talk but think I’d have had a hard time. Maybe ‘breathing laboured and impossible to hold conversation’ (hard) is more appropriate.

Today’s run: 40 mins, 8km


Today’s the start of training for the half-marathon in June. I was pretty confused by the various bits of terminology on the training schedule – today is a jogging day, tomorrow it’s up tempo, and later in the week it’s steady. Fortunately the PDF version linked at the bottom of the page has the full key.

It’s cold and miserable in town today but I set out for the 20 minute run wrapped up warm and ready to get on with the training. Twenty minutes didn’t seem quite enough so I thought I’d start with 5 minutes warm-up, then stretching, then the actual run. All went well. Finished the warm-up just this side of Te Papa, stretched a bit, then headed out to Oriental Bay and around nearly as far as Point Jerningham before turning back. Running slow, as instructed, until the southerly brought the rain in and I had to pick up the pace and kept running well past the 20 minute mark. Probably running for 30 minutes all up, including the warm-up.

Today’s run: 30 mins, 5.5km