Hills and harbour

Took the Skyline track out to Karori today, coming down at Parkvale Rd and then back through the cemetery and Otari-Wilton Bush. Hard work and slow but good to be up on the hills, looking out over Makara and the wind farm across Cook Strait to the South Island. On the other side, suburbs, the city, harbour and heads, airport: the whole of Wellington. Followed another runner for a bit about halfway along the track who chased a small herd of young bulls. Rather him than me.

Thursday’s run was a good fastish run from town out to Hataitai Beach. Covered a bit over 12km in an hour.

Recent runs
Wednesday 27 May: 6.5km, 35 mins
Thursday 28 May: 12.5km, 60 mins
Saturday 30 May: 14km, 1 hr 47 mins

Karori cemetery and up, up, up…

Took a long run today, much longer than expected to be honest, from Ngaio down to Otari-Wliton Bush, through to Karori cemetery, then up the Skyline Cemetery Link track. Had been running for 45 minutes by then so took a breather before heading up the Skyline track for another 15 minutes. Alternated walking and jogging for the rest of the trip to Bell’s track and down to home. All told I was out of the house for about 90 minutes, and only 10 or 15 minutes of that was walking, though some of the hill running was pretty slow and included a few wrong turns (not to mention dodging cowpats and bulls!).

Big uphill slog to get from the cemetery to the Skyline but felt good to get there, and great views out over Makara to the South Island. Got a good view of the new turbines for the wind farm on the Western Hills as well. I wouldn’t have found the track up to the skyline without the help of a site that a mountain biker I know vaguely through Twitter put me onto. If you’re looking for walking, running or riding tracks round Wellington check it out at http://tracks.org.nz/. Not sure how far I ran but for pride’s sake I’m claiming about 12kms (might have been more, might have been less).

Today’s run: 12km, 90 mins

Otari-Wilton’s Bush

Didn’t make it up to the Skyline Track after all – I didn’t fancy the thought of the northerly up on the tops. Took and out’n’in run down to Otari-Wilton’s Bush instead: 15 mins on the road mainly downhill, then 10 mins up the bush and 10 mins out again, a bit over 15 mins home on the uphill. Would like to think I’d covered 10km but suspect it was more like 9km.

Realised once I got home that I must have nearly made it to Karori Cemetery – will save that for next weekend. Great tracks through the bush so will be heading back there as I increase the length of my runs. Also keen to see where the bush tracks join up with the Skyline Track for a decent circular track.

Today’s run: 9km, 50 mins