Suburbs to city to sea

Foul weather so had to abandon plans to run over Kaukau and around Ohariu Valley – will keep that run for next weekend, fingers crossed. Could barely see the tops of the hills for low cloud and rain but it was the gusty wind that really put me off heading up to the summit.

Settled instead for suburb-to-city-to-sea run, 16.5km round-trip through Kelburn, the university, down to the waterfront, back to Kaiwharawhara and home via Old Porirua Rd. Hadn’t quite counted on how hard Old Porirua would be after more than an hour’s running but took it slow and got to the top just fine. Will aim for an abbreviated Kaukau run tomorrow.

Today’s run: 16.5km, 98 mins

Tinakori Hill

Went up to the top of Tinakori Hill today, not just for the first time running but the first time ever. Steep. From Tinakori Rd up St Mary’s St and then on to the Tinakori Ridge track is a 250m ascent over about 1.75km. (And ok, I walked a bit, but only a minute or so!)

Tracks in pretty good condition, muddy in places, and stretches that seemed — at the time anyway — virtually 1:1. The route is saved at Map My Run.

Found myself at the Northland shops again but this time kept to the ridge and headed round to Kelburn before sprinting down through the University. Good to stretch the legs though the average overall pace was still only about 6:30/km.

Today’s run: 7.5km, 49 mins

Northland shops

Took a long slow run round the back way and up to the Northand shops, over the top of the ridge and down through Thorndon. Back along the key and up Old Porirua Rd.

A friend in the UK was in touch to stress that I need hill running and a weekly long long run so today’s run covered at least the hilly angle and is a good starter for building up to 1.5 to 2 hour runs. He also sent through a link to the McMillan running calculator, that lets you input a sample time and it’ll work out optimal times for all distances as well as different training paces.

Based on the 50 minute 10km I ran earlier this week, the calculator thinks I should be able to run a half-marathon in 1:51:16. Something to aim for at least; certainly want to be under 2 hours and the closer to 1:45 the better. Here’s the full race times and training pace summary:

Today’s run: 13.5km, 78 mins