Slow hills

I’ve started to diverge a bit from the training schedule: Thursday’s 45 minutes turned into 50, yesterday’s 70 into nearly 80, and today’s 35 into a 75 minute hill run up to Kaukau and then onto the Skyline Track. Good running, taking it slow and carefully on the hill tracks. The ascent had to be the biggest challenge – roughly 18 minutes uphill slog, but managed it with only a brief bit of walking when it got really rough and steep. Stiff southerly on the summit too.

Today’s run is the first I’ve mapped using Map My Run, which you can view here. (I did embed it in the post but it reloaded every time I viewed the page and just started to piss me off.)

Oddly enough I feel like a turncoat for not using Google Maps, which has been my mainstay lately. Google Maps aren’t as useful, though, for off-road routes and the little elevation widget on Map My Run is kinda handy. On that note, the ascent to the top of Kaukau is roughly 280m over about 1.5km.

Today’s run: 10.5km, 75 mins