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Random collection this week…

From the Guardian’s culture professionals group, 10 tips for developing and mastering digital products in the arts – simple, concise rules to remember.

And plenty of digital humanities links: Tim Hitchcock on small histories versus grand narratives in Sources, Empathy and Politics in History from Below.

Practical tools for data analysis, visualization, and working with social media data by Lev Manovich. (Not that I’ve looked at them all, but I might one day.)

Finally, prompted by this tweet and the following dicussion (namely the ‘L’ appearing in the M?ori content)…

… I’m reading about New Zealand’s third space between M?ori and P?keha cultures in Paul Meredith’s paper Hybridity in the Third Space: Rethinking Bi-cultural Politics in Aotearoa/New Zealand (PDF, 32KB).


Update: another take on the ten rules, this time in relation to project management: Ten  rules  for  humanities  scholars  new  to  project  management by Bethany Nowviskie (@nowviskie)

Newspapers on speed

In case you haven’t heard and/or noticed, Papers Past has recently been updated with new titles and all existing titles have been fully digitised and are now searchable. What’s more, it’s also heaps (heaps I say) faster.

Included in the new titles is NZ Truth up to 1930, making it the most recent newspaper they have. Tacky as it seems, it’s one of those muck-raking papers that broke news in spite of itself. And as a muck-raker it’ll provide a rich source for social history.

The new titles are:
Ashburton Guardian
Ellesmere Guardian
Kai Tiaki: the Journal of the Nurses of New Zealand
North Otago Times
NZ Truth
Otautau Standard and Wallace County Chronicle
Oxford Observer
Poverty Bay Herald
Victoria Times
Waikato Times

There’s more information at the National Library website. A wonderful resource just got even better.