Practice run

Went out from Ngaio today as far as Balena Bay and back, covering 21km in 1 hour and 50 minutes. Run included a couple of hill climbs (including Old Porirua on the way home) so I’m figuring I can get that time down if it’s all on the flat. Felt kind of sick from exhaustion, but maybe that was lack of food beforehand or mowing the lawn straight after?

Pretty much followed the training schedule this week though still having problems running slow (egoveride kicks in whenever I’m overtaken…). Thursday was fartlek day and I almost did two full repetitions of the 4+2, 3+1.5, 2+1, 1+1 fast and slow routine. (OK, so the second 4-minute fast section wasn’t a total success, but got back into the swing of things for the second 3-minute fast section.)

Recent runs
Wednesday 3 June: 7km, 35 mins
Thursday 4 June: 8.5km, 40 mins
Friday 5 June: 6.5km, 35 mins
Saturday 6 June: 21km, 1 hr 50 mins