Playing catch-up

Missed out on a run over the weekend but got in an 11km cycle ride to the bike shop and back instead. Not much of a distance for a seasoned cyclist but that’s exactly what I’m not – I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve cycled in Wellington and can honestly say that my body is not used to hills.

Started today’s run with a minor back ache and ended it with a worse one and stiff calves after running out to the Point from Queen’s Wharf. Probably took it a bit too fast but it felt good to be running without shin-splints or tired lungs. Now just need to sort out the back…

Have downloaded the intermediate training schedule (warning: loud inane music) for the half-marathon in June and will start on that in about a fortnight. Leading up to that I’m planning on three or four runs a week, mainly around 30-40 mins but hoping to do 50 mins or more once or twice over the coming weekends.

Today’s run: a little over 6km; 30 mins