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Yesterday’s run was a quicker than expected 10km. Despite keeping my breathing down to a fairly regular Breathe two three, out two three kind of pace I ran it in 50 minutes or so. It was one of the first times I’ve run very far and kept my paces quite short, which I’ve heard means with each step you face less resistance and overall it’s less tiring than taking longer strides.

A useful analogy is the way a cyclist will change down to a lower gear when going uphill: more revolutions with less resistance is less tiring than fewer revolutions against more resistance. It’s called cadence and I mention it briefly at the end of this post that I wrote for work.

Training – part two

Started back on the training yesterday with a slow run out around to Balaena Bay from Queen’s Wharf then back via the hill and Oriental Bay. Took around 45 minutes with a friend from work to cover the 8km. Went out alone today and ran a slow five minutes followed by a quick 10, repeated, then finished with another slow five. All in all running for 35 minutes, covering slightly over 7km.

The waterfront route that I usually run has a few leftover kilometre markers so I was able to time a kilometre today at the faster pace. On the way out and back I ran it about 4:20. Translated using the McMillan running calculator makes that pretty much a 1:30 400m. I’ll use that as the basis for some of the speed training I’m doing in the weeks ahead.

For the training I’m basing it on the Runners World programme, starting at week 4 of the intermediate programme. Expect I’ll be running slightly more than the distances in the programme but will stick to the overall shape.

Practice run

Went out from Ngaio today as far as Balena Bay and back, covering 21km in 1 hour and 50 minutes. Run included a couple of hill climbs (including Old Porirua on the way home) so I’m figuring I can get that time down if it’s all on the flat. Felt kind of sick from exhaustion, but maybe that was lack of food beforehand or mowing the lawn straight after?

Pretty much followed the training schedule this week though still having problems running slow (egoveride kicks in whenever I’m overtaken…). Thursday was fartlek day and I almost did two full repetitions of the 4+2, 3+1.5, 2+1, 1+1 fast and slow routine. (OK, so the second 4-minute fast section wasn’t a total success, but got back into the swing of things for the second 3-minute fast section.)

Recent runs
Wednesday 3 June: 7km, 35 mins
Thursday 4 June: 8.5km, 40 mins
Friday 5 June: 6.5km, 35 mins
Saturday 6 June: 21km, 1 hr 50 mins