Suits you, sir

I have a friend who wears suits all the time*. He looks sharp and they suit him (no pun intended). He’s also a fine critic of men’s fashion.

I often think of wearing suits, and in the past have thought each time I’ve taken on a new job that this will be my time to start wearing them. I’ve owned a few, and currently own one, and do like wearing it on occassion. But wearing them every day is something I’ve never managed. I tend to think that if I could afford good suits, really really good ones, and quite a few of them at that (perhaps six?), I’d take to it.

I also like to remember my grandfather’s approach. He wore a suit everyday of the week, weekends included. At any time he had three suits: one for Sunday best, one for work, and one for gardening. When the work suit started to look shabby he’d buy a new Sunday suit; the old Sunday suit became the work suit, the work suit the gardening suit, and the gardening suit went to charity.

I’ll never do that but it’s a nice idea.

*PS: go see his show as part of the Fringe Festival in February and March 2013.