Summer reading

A couple of interesting posts from the cultural sector including Nina Simon on Museum2 (accessed 9 January 2018) and the Berkshire Museum, looking at deaccessioning, market value, valuing communities and public trust. Also Tara Robertson’s closing keynote from the LITA Forum in late 2016 (accessed 18 January 2018) is a deeply insightful and moving personal and professional view on documentary heritage that shouldn’t be open.

In the digital government world, Paul Maltby (accessed 12 January 2018) provides useful pointers here on what digital and policy teams in government can learn from each. Published as part of a series of posts in the run up to the One Team Government unconference in June 2017. And lately, Steven Johnson in the NY Times Magazine (accessed 18 January 2018) writes about blockchain’s potential to revive an open and decentralised web (once it gets past disrupting currencies). 

Finally, and closer to home after a fascniating start to the week meeting Te Arawa trustees in Rotorua, Joshua Hitchcock writes in the Spinoff (accessed 18 January 2018) on the need for investment by and for iwi beyond purely economic development, to include all four pou: social, cultural, environmental, and economic.