Steady state

Had a good longish run out to Greta Point and back covering 10km in under 50 minutes – the fastest 10km I’ve done since before my son was born. Back then I managed 46 minutes on a slow undulating course in Berlin (coming second in my age group! First place ran about 40 minutes, third place was a pacesetter for some local teenagers and dropped out, and that was the size of the field in the 30 to 39s), and a 45:16 at Victoria Park in London.

If I put 45 minutes into the McMillan calculator it estimates that I can do a half-marathon in 1:40:08. So maybe something around the 1:45 mark isn’t totally out of the question… Noticed on the race info page that there’ll be pace-setters running the half at 1:40 and 1:50 pace, and a few others, but no 1:45.

Today’s run: 10km, 49 minutes