Took a slow run out to Point Jerningham at lunchtime thinking it’d help the recovery. That was the theory anyway. Wondering now if I should have left it another day or two.

But here’s a pic of me coming up to the finish line on the Fran Wilde Walk by the Westpac Stadium.

Talked to a bloke on the train yesterday about the course. He had a few (probably) legitimate grizzles about it, namely the way 10km walkers tend to group together on the way back in just about the time a lot of the half-marathoners are coming through the last two or three kilometres. Makes for a lot of ducking and diving and means you can’t take the inside channel round the waterfront, where the course is typically measured.

Of course the front-runners would have been on the inside earlier but they’re racing for course records, so that’s fair enough. As for ducking and diving, it’s not a bad diversion for the mind.

Today’s run: 6km, 36 mins