Reading list, 18 February 2018

Why the not-for-profit cultural sector needs tailor-made copyright safe harbours Graeme Austin and Emily Hudson present the case for a safe harbour copyright exclusion for the cultural sector, but fails to cover why this is needed or provide any case studies to demonstrate what organisations can, can’t and could do under the current or a future copyright regime. Would be useful to see this proposal looked at more closely and it could draw on some of the examples raised by Andrea Wallace in her 2017 NDF Keynote.

Government by numbers: how data is damaging our public services Q&A with Jerry Muller on his new book, The Tyranny of Metrics, on the fascination and poor results of measuring productivity in the public sector.

Finally, Pia Andrews (née Waugh) paints an optimistic vision of a digitally enabled future ahead of an event called “Optimistic Futures” being held in Wellington this week: An Optimistic Future.