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  • Fire Without Phoenix: Poems 1946–1954. Christchurch: Caxton Press, 1957
  • Out of Season: Poems. Wellington; New York: Oxford University Press, 1980
  • Poor Richard: Poems. Wellington: Port Nicholson Press, 1982
  • Bodily Presence: Words, Paintings, by W. H. Oliver and Anne Munz. Wellington: BlackBerry Press, 1993
All poems © W. H. Oliver
About this project
The Phoenix Project presents the verse of New Zealand poet and historian, W. H. Oliver. The project takes its name from his first published volume, Fire Without Phoenix, the first text to be captured as part of this project.
All four volumes, as well as additional new and old poems, are due to be published in a collected edition in May 2005 by Victoria University Press in celebration of the author's 80th birthday. Emendations made to the existing volumes by the author in preparation for the collected edition have not been made to these texts, which appear as originally published. An electronic version of the collected edition, with the author's emendations coded, may be made available in the future.
Data for this project was captured in XML following a DTD generated using the TEI Pizza Chef. HTML versions of the poems were generated using an XSL stylesheet with XMLSpy.
This project and web site was created by Matthew Oliver; it remains a work in progress. Any comments or suggestions on any aspect of this project are appreciated and should be mailed to