It’s a numbers game, this giving up smoking. Yesterday marked the beginning of the latest attempt: 8 April, 2008. 8-4-8. 848. Sounds nice. Better than last week’s attempt: 1 April, 2008. 1-4-8. Not much to go on in 148. Perhaps I should have waited a day and started on the second, 2-4-8. There’s a nice growth in the numbers there, 2 squared and cubed. Of course by the second I’d failed to give up; I’d started on April Fool’s after all, so was kidding myself as much as anybody.

But 848’s nice enough. 808 would be nicer but there’s no 0 month, or if there is it’s squeezed in between December and January like some invisible Leap Day. I like 808 for the connection with 808 State, a band whose name I like and music I might have liked once, when I heard it. Haven’t heard it lately and can’t remember much about it, but the name and numbers stick.

Leap Days are a number unto themselves. They happen once every four years EXCEPT when the year is not divisible by 400. Then we don’t have them, to account for the ever-so-slightly-less-than-an-extra-day-every-four-years-amount-of-time that Leap Days attempt to rectify.

Back to the smoking. I just passed 24 hours without a cigarette during which time I’ve turned down two offers of a smoke. Next major milestone is 3 days. Then a week. Then 3 weeks. After that it’s just the rest of my life, and that’s a numbers game I’m not going into.