Marton half

Ran my second half-marathon at the weekend in Marton. It was a small field, but a good local run around the gentle hills of Rangitikei. The results are available here (though I timed myself at a minute slower than the official time, as did the runner who came in first).

My plan was to run 4:45 minute kilometres on the way out and aim for a negative split on the way back to come in under 1:40:00. I stuck fairly close to a guy from Palmerston North, chatting a bit on the way out and then managing to keep him in view on the way back in. The lack of km markers made pacing a bit tricky and the sun was pretty high in the sky so more water stops would have helped.

The heat wasn’t such a problem on the way out thanks to a northerly breeze (pretty stiff at times), but the wind meant a slightly slower first half than I’d planned. That said, it was slower by seconds rather than minutes and with the breeze behind me and a gentle incline back to town, I ran the second half around 2 minutes quicker.

Official time: 1:38:56 (my time: 1:39:53)

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