Last one

So, the night before the race. Have done a few runs in the last week but nothing major and haven’t done a thing since Wednesday night. Did I feel a twinge in the right ankle? And were those calves aching after some steep hill climbs? No matter, it’s only hours away and kind of too late to pull out.

Have just read some more of the pre-race info and realise a) I haven’t got a pre-pay parking voucher or b) any energy gel packs. Both are good – wouldn’t want to be totally prepared.

What to aim for? Hmm, will try to keep up with the 1:40 pacesetter, at least initally, but have wristbands with 1:40 and 1:45 even kilometre pacing on them, so will try to keep to some kind of pace in between.

Nervous, but looking forward to it. And looking forward to a large cold bottle of lager for lunch.