BIB# 3581

I’ve now officially signed up for the half-marathon in June! So now it’s real. In a little under 7 weeks I’ll be running 21km round the Wellington waterfront. 21km! Must be possible…

Got fairly engrossed in the McMillan six-step training system last night. I winced a little whenever he referred to ‘casual runners’, and by the end of the read was fairly sure that yes indeed, I am one of them. The key to identifying us is that when training we tend to skim a few books or magazines or even just download some training plan off the internet and use that.

That aside, while McMillan is aimed at serious and competitive runners, there’s still plenty to learn about the effects that different styles and paces of running have on the runner’s physiology (not to mention their psychology). I’ll stick to the current schedule but will try to fine-tune it a bit using some of the techniques from McMillan. Once I’ve got an official time from the half-marathon I’ll plug it in and see what kind of training schedule it comes up with for the next challenge. Full marathon, anyone?

On that note, I kept the run today light and easy though I still ran at pretty much the training pace for long and easy endurance workout paces. I’m not sure I can run any slower, especially considering I was barely keeping pace with a walker at one point. (He was a serious walker, mind you, all the gears and the funny hip action, not just some dude out for a stroll.)

Today’s run: 6km, 35 mins