Art, media, rubbish

I missed the news last night for the usual reasons – helping with dinner, bathing the boy, avoiding the box lest we end up eating dinner on our knees – but couldn’t help notice something was up in the Art World (capital A and W) when I check Twitter later in the evening.

The story speaks for itself and 3news’s headline sums up the typically good and bad opinions of our media to an art story. It’s about losers and their complaints, yes, but as for the ‘rubbish’; you can’t quite tell whether they’re being literal – the thing is made of rubbish – or opinionated – do they think it’s rubbish?

What I found entertaining was a side dialogue on Twitter. First this comment from @CherylBernstein to @auchmill says so much about arts coverage in New Zealand: “When Art Hits The Headlines II: A Slow Day in the Media.” @circa1969 chipped in by pointing us in the direction of the Artist’s websites.

Circa1969’s lack of commentary spoke volumes, to which CherylBernstein nicely rounded out the story: “Fish in a barrel.