Today marks two months till departure.

In the shower this morning I saw the water running down the plug anti-clockwise; I’m recording it here so I remember to check which way it goes in the southern hemisphere. Everyone I’ve ever asked says it’s bullshit that it goes one way in one hemisphere and backwards in the other. What they don’t agree on is whether that means it goes one way in both hemispheres or both ways with no preferred direction wherever you are. The only thing anyone agrees on is that something odd might happen at the equator but I’m not sure they know what that might be (or whether it has anything to do with water and plugs).

In any event, this morning it was running anti-clockwise. I flicked my foot around at the plug for a bit and made it go the other way but it didn’t look so happy. It reverted pretty soon after with very little encouragement.

So try this one: get an empty bottle and fill it with water. Now turn it upside down and give it a flick of the wrist anti-clockwise. It makes a nice little whirlpool in the bottle and is empty in no time. Now try it the other way. Which was quicker? Which was smoother? Hang on… Hmmm, not much in it. I reckon anti-clockwise by a nose. Now I just have to get Down Under and remember to try to it there.

Speaking of Down Under, ever notice that the sun there goes the other way?