Reading list, 18 March 2018

Anil Dash writes about 12 Things Everyone Should Understand About Tech, concluding in a hopeful way with this: “If we know that the biggest cost for the tech giants is attracting and hiring programmers, we can encourage programmers to collectively advocate for ethical and social advances from their employers. If we know that the investors who power big companies respond to potential risks in the market, we can emphasize that their investment risk increases if they bet on companies that act in ways that are bad for society.”

Could this spell the end of Cambridge Analytica? Probably not but at least The Guardian are keeping tabs on them: Revealed: 50 million Facebook profiles harvested for Cambridge Analytica in major data breach.

Closer to home, interesting appraisal of where the Iwi Chair’s Forum stand in relation to the Labour administration from Graham Cameron in The SpinoffLabour to Iwi Chairs Forum: ‘Iwi leaders need to catch up with the new world’.