Heel boy!

So, it’s been a quiet last month on the running and blogging, but perhaps it’s safe to say that I’m on the mend from the calf strain. Physio released me last week, but not without plenty of stretching, thigh and glute strengthening, and balance exercises (the latter especially round the ankle). Her take on what caused it was a combination of too much crossing over and using a front-foot strike.

I’ll concede two out of three: yes my feet were crossing over a lot, and yes I was using a front-foot strike, but the front-foot strike isn’t bad in itself, but it might be bad if you switch to it too quickly or don’t have the bio-mechanical strength to support it. So I’m now back to a heel-to-mid-foot strike, which is feeling ok so far. Picking up the distances over the last couple of weeks and finding a 5-minute kilometre is currently pretty standard. Done quite a few 10km runs, some 12, and a 16 on Sunday.

Thinking now about the Harbour Capital run at the end of June; do I aim to do a faster half-marathon time or try to train for the full marathon? Is it too late to aim for the marathon? Maybe if I take the Hal Higdon novice approach and just aim to finish I could do it. It’s about the last real chance to run a decent-sized marathon before the 40th birthday… The full marathon is the tempting option.