myphotoI’m a Pākehā and grew up in Palmerston North, in the heart of the Manawatu. All the strands in my ancestry (Cornish, Norwegian, Shetland Island and English), all started life in New Zealand somewhere near the Manawatu. I humbly claim ko te Manawatu te awa. I live in a Wellington suburb with my partner and our two sons. Ko Matthew Oliver toku ingoa.

I’m a public servant working in the digital culture and heritage sector. The posts on this site are my own opinions, but often as not they relate to work: culture, the online world, publishing, history and government. Part of this is an aide memoir and partly to remind myself that I can write, as long as I do it often enough. And the rest is to clarify things that are going on in my mind. I sometimes write about family stories, and there are a handful of old projects that I’ve archived.

I’m on Twitter and Instagram as talkingtothecan. See LinkedIn for my work history.